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Ignore Content Marketing and You’ll Be Ignored, Too

The growth of your SaaS company is a factor of many variables, and content marketing is one of them. Ignore it or execute it the wrong way and you’ll lose ground to your competitors. To keep this from happening, I’m offering you professional help.

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Ideal for early-stage SaaS startups that are new to content marketing

Brand Voice Guide

Would you use different visual assets, styles, or colors for your website pages? Obviously not. The same is true for your content. You can’t use different voices—you’ll want to stay consistent. But to do that, you’ll need a guide that will help all of your content creators maintain the same brand voice regardless of the type of content they’re creating.

One-week turnaround time

Content Calendar

Do you have a content calendar for the next few months that is 100% aligned with your business OKRs? Having a long-term plan is crucial to getting your wanted results. I’ll help you design a detailed content calendar for the next three months that will help you connect with your audience and increase the number of your high-quality leads.

One-week turnaround time

Content Strategy

Content requires time, effort, and money. Jumping into creating it without having a clear strategy may lead to a negative ROI. Armed with a deep understanding of your brand identity, product, and audience, I’ll create a content marketing strategy that’s elegantly simple, fresh, and an asset that will get you traffic, leads, and sales.

Two-week turnaround time


⚡ Get Unstuck

Ideal for SaaS startups and companies that aren’t getting good content marketing results

Content Audit

“Why is my traffic so low?” “Why aren’t people subscribing to our newsletter?” “What’s wrong with our webinars?” “Why aren’t we getting a good number of leads?” If you want to understand what’s wrong with your existing content marketing strategy, feel free to choose my content audit service and we’ll take it from there.

Two-week turnaround time

Inbound Ops

You don’t create content just for the sake of it. After all, the main goal of content marketing is to help you generate qualified leads and close more sales. But you can’t do that if you don’t have a well-oiled inbound mechanism set in place. To help you get unstuck, I’ll design a sequence of inbound operations that will get you leads and sales.

Two-week turnaround time

Online Workshop

There’s no end to learning. The more we know, the better we get at what we’re doing. If you have a content team, I can help them increase their results by sharing my knowledge and expertise with them. Invest in your content team and book my online content marketing workshop. It’s a two-hour session packed with value and actionable insights.

Two-hours online session


🚀 Get Epic

Ideal for SaaS companies that are ready to scale and become industry leaders

Content Promotion Strategy

Creating content is only half of the equation—you also have to promote it wisely. Just publishing a link on social media won’t work anymore. You need a different approach that will include tactics such as the pre-promotion outreach and the anti-share. So let’s design a detailed content promotion strategy and get you noticed.

Two-week turnaround time

Online Events Strategy

Event marketing is a powerful way of breaking through the online clutter and communicating your brand. But nowadays, we’re seeing a transition from in-person to online events. Having 10 years of experience in the events world, I can help you design a strong online events strategy and become an industry leader. 💪

Three-week turnaround time

Brand University / Academy

What do companies such as Drift, Atlassian, and HubSpot have in common? They’ve created powerful brand universities. They’re sharing their knowledge, evangelizing a new way of doing things, and providing trainings and certifications. Let’s launch a strong curriculum and create a real university carrying the name of your brand.

Four-week turnaround time


Book a consulting session

One-Hour Session of Content Marketing Consulting

Here's how it works: 

Ideal for SaaS founders who lack clarity, are searching for answers, or need to solve a specific content marketing challenge.

Book a consulting session by clicking here
◾ Choose a date and time that suits you best
◾ Select your content challenge or add yours
◾ I’ll analyze your website and conduct an express content audit  
◾ I’ll design an action plan that will help you solve the issue
◾ We’ll meet online and discuss
◾ I’ll answer your questions and help you gain clarity
◾You’ll walk away with a detailed action plan that will help you overcome your challenges and get the expected results  

If needed, we can meet again and discuss your success and outline the next steps.



Am I the right expert for your SaaS company? 

I don’t want to brag, but ...

I’m the person behind the content that contributed to the seven-figure growth of an SaaS company without the help of a marketing department. I’ve consulted various entrepreneurs on how to improve their content marketing strategy to get better results. Plus ...

I offer tailor-made solutions

I’m not here to impose my vision. Neither do I have a fix-it-all solution that works for everyone. But I’m here to listen, ask relevant questions, and design the right solution that will get you the wanted results.

I always go the extra mile

When I’m not working, I’m learning from the best. This includes running my own content experiments. I'm not happy with just “doing my part of the job.” I’m always searching for new ways to achieve faster growth.

I'll be part of your team

I understand that it’s not always easy to work with outsiders who aren’t 100% aligned with your company’s identity. But don’t worry—I really care about your SaaS brand. So I’ll work as if I’m part of your team.

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