You're a Lead Magnet

Dear SaaS founder ... You're a lead magnet.

Yes, I know how it sounds. 🤷‍♀

But your capacity of getting people in love with your product is 10x more powerful than dozens of eBooks or downloadable checklists.

You're the image of your brand.

It's your strong belief and personality that will attract high-quality leads and prospects. ⚡

As a matter of fact, according to SproutSocial Index 2019, 38% of people are more likely to research a product or service when the CEO posts about it.

That's 6% more than if a celebrity or influencer talks about your brand.

How can you become more visible? 👀

✅ Write high-quality articles

✅ Publish guest-posts

✅ Launch a podcast [David Abrams, the co-founder & CEO @ Demio is a great example. If you want to learn more, check out his SaaS Breakthrough Podcast]

✅ Provide value via social media [Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn]

✅ Create a YouTube channel

✅ Get invited to podcasts

✅ Become a speaker at physical and online events

✅ Get invited to share your knowledge via webinars

✅ Launch a newsletter [David Cancel, Founder & CEO @ Drift is a great example. Check out his The One Thing newsletter]

In a nutshell, create content, engage with people, network, and get noticed. đŸ’Ē

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