Powerful Newsletters

Look, I know. You're hunting numbers. You want a 100,000 email subscribers list. πŸ“§ But what's the point in "tricking" people into subscribing if only 0,1% will read your email?

What if instead of "hunting" numbers, you'll focus on branding your newsletter and start creating high-quality emails people will LOVE to read?

How can you do that?

Let's answer with a question ...

When was the last time you subscribed (voluntarily) to a newsletter?

I bet your answer is "long ago ..."

So what makes a newsletter truly interesting and worth subscribing?

My answer is ... personality.

πŸ‘€ Take a look at "The Path to CMO 3.0" a newsletter created by Tricia Gellman, CMO at Drift.

As Gellman states on the landing page, "CMO 3.0 is a monthly newsletter featuring insights from me along with hand-curated content relevant to marketing leaders like you, delivered straight to your inbox."

Here are some things that make this newsletter so awesome:

βœ… It has a cool name you can remember

βœ… The newsletter name has a real story behindΒ (making it truly meaningful)

βœ… You can see the person sending these emails (as opposed to the faceless newsletters you receive from other companies)

βœ… There's a curator, sending you the content she considers relevant

βœ… It's educational and not (bluntly) promotional

βœ… You can review all the previous email editions and see the value it provides

βœ… Moderate frequency (receiving one newsletter per month is reasonable and non-intrusive)

It's personal, it's powerful and unique. All these elements add value and quality to the newsletter. You won't only open the email, but also read it! πŸ’ͺ

So next time you're about to send a newsletter email, make sure it truly deserves the time of your subscribers.

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