Curate Content

šŸ‘‰ Here's my quick advice: Create content, but also curate content.

Why? Let's think about the art curators for a second. šŸ¤”

Good curators are known for shaping the art world.

Being real connectors, they are the link between artists, collectors, and audiences.

Their educated judgment, experience, and well-trained eye šŸ‘€ are crucial to identifying and revealing the best art pieces that will be later displayed in museums and exhibitions.

Moreover, each curator brings his or her beliefs and personality to the table, specializing in different topics, such as social issues, futurism, human rights, etc.

They are the gatekeepers and the art influencers.

The same is true for content marketing.

Regardless of your industry, you can establish yourself as an influencer by hand-picking and curating content.

Develop a taste for high-quality content. Focus on identifying the value an article, a podcast episode, or a webinar holds and share it with the world. āš”

You can do it via your social media.

Also, you can create a newsletter and build an email list. Content curation is a powerful way to showcase your expertise and build an audience, especially if you're a SaaS founder. šŸ’Ŗ

Not sure people need this? Look at services such as Zest, undefinedbased on curating content for marketing professionals.

We're drowning in content. We need professionals who can identify the value and share what's worth consuming.

How do you get good at content curation? āš”

If you want to showcase your expertise & build an audience with content curation, you'll want to learn how to identify good-quality content.

How can you do that?

Here's a quick list of high-quality content characteristics you'll want to consider when deciding if something is worth sharing or not ...

āœ… Actionable insights [people can apply the knowledge they'll get by consuming the piece]

āœ… Examples & screenshots [the author is backing up his or her words with real life examples]

āœ… Fresh perspective [the content provides a new approach or look]

āœ… Step-by-step explanation [the argument is presented in a coherent way]

āœ… Personal touch [the content has personality and it's packed with the author's experience]

āœ… Simple language [easy to understand & consume]

āœ… Driven [you want to take action once you've consumed the content]

āœ… Relevant to your audience

If you're still not sure if a piece of content is worth sharing or not, simply ask yourself ...

šŸ“Œ Did I learn something by consuming this article, podcast, or video?

šŸ“Œ Will I apply the principles I've learned?

šŸ“Œ Did I take any notes?

šŸ“Œ Am I excited about this piece of content?

If your answer is "Yes" to one of these questions, then you have a piece worth sharing. šŸ’Ŗ


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