Content is Everything

šŸ‘‰ Are you a SaaS founder? Then, you should think like a ... media producer.

I know it sounds strange, but hear me out.

Content is everywhere. Content is everything.

According to Daniel Priestley (the author of Oversubscribed), šŸ““ people need seven hours to make a big purchase decision.

As he argues, "Whether you are buying a new car, making a career move, engaging a consultant, or choosing a holiday destination, when you add up all the time you spend thinking about it, you can be fairly sure it totals about seven hours."

That's the time someone needs to gain trust in your brand, look for relevance, learn about your offer, and establish an emotional connection.

If people won't feel any connection though, they'll simply walk away. šŸ¤·ā€ā™€

As Priestley highlights, "You should have 7 hours or 11 touches of relationship-building content at your disposal in your business at any given time."

This includes content assets, such as ...

āœ… Articles

āœ… Podcasts

āœ… Videos

āœ… Case studies

āœ… Webinars

āœ… Events

All these elements will help you build a strong relationship with high-quality leads and convert them into customers.

That's why you'll want to think and act like a media producer, making sure you've created and published a great deal of high-quality content that builds trust and helps you connect.

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