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Run Online Events

More and more brands are taking their events online. And that's not just a fad or a crisis solution. This tendency will only grow in the next months and years.

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Measure the Right Things

As Joshua Seiden highlights in his book "Outcomes over output," people's behavior is the key metric for business success. Increasing your revenue is the number one reason why you're investing so much in content.

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Content is Everything

Are you a SaaS founder? Then, you should think like a ... media producer.I know it sounds strange, but hear me out. People need seven hours to make a big purchase decision.

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You're a Lead Magnet

Your capacity of getting people in love with your product is 10x more powerful than dozens of eBooks or downloadable checklists.You're the image of your brand.

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Curate Content

Develop a taste for high-quality content. Focus on identifying the value an article, a podcast episode, or a webinar holds and share it with the world. You can do it via your social media.

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When in Doubt, Simplify

Everything boils down to "closing more sales" or "reducing the churn rate." Strip your content marketing strategy of anything unnecessary and focus on achieving ONE goal only.

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Powerful Newsletters

Look, I know. You're hunting numbers. You want a 100,000 email subscribers list. But what's the point in "tricking" people into subscribing if only 0,1% will read your email?

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Make it Simple

Craft one simple message and repeat it over and over again. I know it sounds counterintuitive. After all, we want to be unique and share new things. But two main elements will make your message stick.

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Dear SaaS Founder

Dear SaaS founder, please, do yourself a favor and learn a bit of content marketing. I know you're super focused on solving a problem and developing a killer product.

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