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Struggling to Build an Audience for Your SaaS Product? 

I’ll help you stand out as an industry leader, attract high-quality leads, and convert them into happy paying customers with content marketing.


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Here's the harsh truth 😱

Launching Your SaaS Product is Not Enough—People Won’t Come by Themselves

84% OF PEOPLE ...

expect brands to create content that provides solutions & entertainment. Meaningful Brands

47% OF BUYERS ...

viewed three to five pieces of content before speaking to a salesperson. Demand Gen Report


prefer to get company information from articles than from advertisement. B2B PR Sense Blog

But to get noticed ...

You Have to Think and Act Like a Media Producer

Launching a blog, starting a podcast, or running webinars isn’t enough. In terms of content, you’re not competing with similar SaaS brands.

In the age of attention economy, these are your real competitors:

🐈 TikTok videos
🍿 Netflix
🥑 Pinterest recipes
👾 Adult content
🎧 iTunes podcasts
🎮 Video games

We are drowning in content. To break through the online clutter, you have to think about your SaaS company as a media brand.

Otherwise ...

You'll Struggle to Stand Out and Build an Audience

You’ve worked countless days, drank endless amounts of coffee, ☕ and had many sleepless nights all to launch your SaaS product, and the only response you got was the sound of crickets chirping.

Your product is not enough—to build an audience, you have to think and act like a media producer. Otherwise, you won’t be able to:

❌ Break through the online clutter
❌ Connect with the right people
❌ Communicate the real value of your product
❌ Become an industry leader
❌ Close as many deals as you can

As you can see, the stakes are pretty high.

It's hard though ...

You're Already Familiar with These Content Marketing Challenges

Lack of time

Your agenda is fully packed with working on the product, validating ideas, calling the prospects, and searching for investors. This doesn’t leave you with time to think about your content marketing strategy.

Lack of clarity

Content marketing is overwhelming. Blogging, podcasts, lead magnets, content ops, webinars, online events ... there are too many options, yet you have zero clarity as to what will work best for your brand.

Lack of consistency

Quality without consistency has no impact. Creating excellent content on a daily basis, however, can be challenging. But how can you do that when you lack vision and don’t have clear content OKRs?

⚠ What's the risk?

You’ll end up ignoring content marketing. Instead, you’ll pay for ads thinking that people will come running and buy your product. Or, you’ll be wasting time and money on generating irrelevant or low-quality content and get zero results.

Let's fix it ...

What if You Could Rely on a Content Marketing Expert?

A professional with both SaaS and media experience. Someone who has dedicated years to helping brands worldwide to establish themselves as industry leaders, retain the attention of high-quality leads, and transform those leads into paying customers.

Someone who can help you think like a media producer and get the best results 🎉


Get results with content

A Content Marketing Expert Who’ll Help You Gain Clarity and Build an Audience Effortlessly

What if you could rely on a content marketing expert who makes use of qualitative research, content frameworks, and design thinking to help you:

👉 Define the voice of your brand
👉 Design a results-driven content marketing strategy
👉 Set up the content workflow & ops (funnel stages)
👉 Deploy efficient content practices
👉 Build a powerful content marketing team

Even better, what if you could find an expert who can do all that in just a matter of days?

Happy to e-meet you

Hey!  I’m Victoria Rudi & I’m your content marketer

I help SaaS companies to get through the online clutter, retain the attention of the right people, build a high-quality audience, and increase their sales with content marketing

Who am I? 

I’ll Help You Compress Months of “Figuring it Out” into Days

I’m a content marketing geek. I have both SaaS and media experience, and I’ve dedicated the last five years to helping SaaS companies with their content marketing strategies.

I don’t want to brag, but I’m the person behind the content marketing strategy that contributed to the seven-figure growth of a SaaS company. And I did all of that without a marketing department.

I’ve consulted for various SaaS entrepreneurs on how to improve their content marketing strategy to get better results. I’m offering tailor-made solutions, and I’ll always be going the extra mile to ensure that you gain the necessary clarity to grow your SaaS brand.

Don't take my word for it

See What SaaS Founders Have to Say about My Work

Mauricio Palacio
Co-founder & CEO @ Eventtia

From early on our startup story, Victoria became an important member of our team. She helped us with defining and executing our content strategy. She has given Eventtia its voice and identity. She is a creative, rigorous and resourceful professional whose work has taken Eventtia from being an unknown brand with no traffic to a well referenced company.

David Abrams
Co-founder & CEO @ Demio

Finding a team member who can not just write content, but understand the content strategy from a high level is extremely tough. Victoria has been just that. Plus, she is absolutely amazing to work with. Victoria not only understands the strategy, but she helps direct us to new ideas, content playbooks, and then to top it off, executes it seamlessly. I am so glad our paths crossed as she's been a critical part of our 2020 marketing team.

Mike Slaats
Founder & CEO @ Upvoty

We love working with Victoria because she is is not only good at her work but also a really great strategic partner for our content marketing. We see great results in organic traffic and engagement since we work with her.

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